Abby Chen
WOMENBest of Times - Lam Tung-pangXian Rui 2011, featuring White Ink by Zheng Chongbin1.5 generationDaily Lives @ YBCA 2011Gender Identity Symposium 2010Xian Rui 2010Present Tense Biennial 2009Xian Rui 2009 - Dora HsiungXian Rui 2008 - Beili LiuC4 - Independent Documentary Film Series 2007-2009The Virtual Salon at MoCAChinese Puzzles: Games for the Hands and MindNew Photography - Chinese Artist NetworkNostalgia 2007Photo San Francisco 2004-2006 with Chinese Artist Network SIC 2003Translation workArt China/No.6, 2006 - Regional Art Scene in AmericaInterview - Art Pratical
I dreamed we were there