Abby Chen
0-Viewpoint-20-viewpoint opening0-viewponitXian Rui 2010 - Stella Zhang's production video I produced (short version)
Xian Rui 2010
0-Viewpoint captures Stella Zhang’s transformation of her journeys in search of the self. Her art explores the complexity and the constantly shifting inner landscape of her femininity. Curated by Abby Chen

“Like other pieces in the ‘Xian Rui’ series, ‘Zero-Viewpoint’ is meant to challenge the perceptions of art in the Chinese community.” - Alexandria Regilio, San Francisco Chronicle

“Indeed, it nearly hits you on your way in.” - Leanna Yip, sfappeal

“0-Viewpoint is deeply personal, incredibly intimate, and sometimes startling, but a fascinating and thought-provoking meditation.” - Ann Taylor, SF Station

“One can almost hear viewpoints inside the minds of these figures void of expression.” - Carol Koffel, Art Practical

“But Zhang manages to unerringly play with the precarious balance between delicacy and brutality, allowing the installations to question these tensions rather than become about them.” - Michele Carlson, Art Practical